What Can I Or Can’t I Do If I Have Been Accused of a Crime?

Man Accused of a crime

Being accused of a crime can be an unsettling experience – especially if it is your first brush with the law. With the possibility of a criminal record looming large, you might inadvertently do something that might actually worsen things for you. In this post, let us look at what you can and cannot do if you have been accused of a crime in Texas.


·        Do not talk or respond to any questions from the arresting officer. You should engage with the law enforcement only in the presence of a criminal defense attorney.

·        Do not say or do anything that might cause the officer to think that you are resisting arrest. Not only can it result in additional charges, but the officer might also decide to use force to take you into custody. 

·        If accused of a crime, do not talk to anyone about your case. Also, do not post anything about your case on social media. Remember – the police will be monitoring every move you make. Who you speak to, who you go out with, and what you post on social media is important. The only person with whom you should discuss your case is your criminal defense attorney.

·        Do not try to hide or get rid of potential evidence. Not only is it a crime in and of itself, but it can also strengthen the case against you. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, the evidence might not even be admissible in court.

·        Do not accept any kind of deal from the prosecution without consulting your criminal defense attorney. Depending on the case and the kind of evidence the prosecution has against you, your attorney might be able to have the charges against you dropped or dismissed. So, you should never, ever talk to the prosecutor about the possibility of a plea deal.


·        Contact an experienced Austin criminal defense attorney as soon as you are allowed to do so. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better are your chances of walking away with your freedom and reputation intact.

·        Be honest with your attorney and tell them everything you know about the case. Do not try to hide or leave out any detail just because you are ashamed or afraid to tell.

·        Pay attention to the legal advice from your attorney, and follow their suggestions for general behavior in and out of court while the case is going on. Any misconduct on your part at this time can make it harder for your attorney to defend you and easier for the prosecution to obtain a conviction.

·        Trust your attorney. Remember – your attorney is on your side and they have your best interests at heart because they are legally bound to protect your rights.

Looking for an Experienced Austin Criminal Defense Attorney?

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