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Heroin has made a comeback in recent years. All over the country, people are dying from overdoses and "bad batches" of this dangerous drug. That doesn't even account for the dangers of sharing needles and the crimes committed by addicts willing to do anything to obtain the drug. The Texas courts take possession crimes such as this very seriously because heroin use not only threatens the life of the individual, but also the lives of those the heroin user comes into contact with as well. People addicted to heroin need to focus on treatment and rehabilitation, not trying to represent themselves in a court of law. If you have been charged with possession of heroin or something related, you will need to turn to an experienced Austin heroin possession lawyer for assistance.

Understanding Heroin Addiction and Crime

Heroin knows no socioeconomic boundaries and does not discriminate. Even the most affluent and successful people can fall prey to its "charms." People from all walks of life, from celebrities to average citizens, can quickly become addicted to this powerful drug. Heroin addicts are ill, and they don't know how to break the cycle and change their lives. Sometimes a run-in with the law can have a positive effect. The courts are well aware of the cycle of heroin addiction, and they sometimes opt to treat the addiction itself in order to address the charges.

Harsh Sentencing for Heroin Possession

In some cases, the sentencing for heroin possession can seem extreme. At the same time, the courts have an obligation to adjudicate the law. It is often left to a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to explain to the court why some cases that may seem to call for extreme sentencing would be better handled with a reduced charge or sentence. Though the state has the burden of proof, the lawyers at Hines & Holub can present the details of the case so that they account for all circumstance and relevant details, which could make a significant difference in the outcome.

What to Do After a Heroin Possession Charge

The courts look at the history of the individual, which includes any previous run-ins with the law. In some cases, your best option may be to enter rehab immediately. While some see this as a means by which to fool the courts, the truth is that the courts want to see positive results where they can be achieved. Someone who comes to the hearing sober and responsible is more likely to catch a break than someone who has obviously continued to use. Regardless, it's crucial in heroin possession cases that you have an experienced legal team to navigate a complicated process and help you figure out the best way to move forward.

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