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Running a business in the United States is hard enough nowadays, and sometimes all the rules regarding environmental protection-while well meaning-are hard to keep up with and expensive to enforce. Some companies opt to completely ignore regulations they think are unfair, preferring to sit it out and pay fines if they are caught, while others are caught genuinely unaware.

Private citizens can also become painfully aware of obscure regulations when they are doing something they thought was correct, such as throwing out garbage, only to find themselves accused of an environmental crime.

Whether you have been accused of illegal dumping or failing to disclose hazard information, choosing an Austin environmental crimes defense lawyer from Hines & Holub can make all the difference to the outcome of your case.

Illegal Dumping

The severity of an illegal dumping charge largely depends on how much of a substance is being incorrectly disposed of. It can range from quantities that essentially amount to simple littering to vastly larger amounts that constitute commercial dumping.

Depending on how much material you or your company is accused of dumping you may only be facing a misdemeanor with a small fine. However, you could just as easily be looking at a felony charge with a large monetary penalty and a prison sentence.

An Austin environmental crimes defense lawyer from our firm may be able to help you negotiate a plea deal that reduces your charge and penalties. In some cases, we may even be able to get the charge dismissed entirely.

Hazardous Materials

Whether you are a commercial driver accused of illegally transporting hazardous materials or a company accused of incorrectly disposing of hazardous waste, these white collar crimes can lead to serious penalties and repercussions. Drivers are particularly vulnerable, as a conviction could prevent you from receiving your hazardous materials endorsement, which could cost you money and business.

Your Austin environmental crimes defense lawyer can help you fight these charges, possibly giving you the chance to stay in business and maintain your livelihood.

Discharge of Pollutants

Mining and other activities can affect ground water and violate the Clean Water Act. While these infractions are sometimes carried out purposefully, it's just as likely that a simple mistake was made. Unfortunately, the penalties you face for a polluting charge will cost your business in both money and public reputation.

An Austin environmental crimes defense lawyer can investigate what took place and help you determine what your next step should be. If the evidence is strong enough to overturn your charge, we'll represent you throughout the process. If a plea deal looks like the best possibility, we'll advise you accordingly.

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