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Weed might seem like a common enough drug, but Texas has some incredibly harsh penalties regarding its use and possession. Avoid as much of the punishment as possible by working with a Williamson County marijuana possession lawyer.

Possession of marijuana is sometimes considered a lesser offense, but it is still a crime that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Once the quantity of marijuana involved gets to a certain amount, it officially becomes terrifying.

If you are facing criminal drug charges, you should immediately speak with a Williamson County marijuana possession lawyer from Hines & Holub. We can help you build a defense that will give you the best chance of seeing your marijuana charges reduced or dismissed.

Levels of Marijuana Possession

Texas is still draconian in their harsh penalties for marijuana possession. Possessing any amount at all is a misdemeanor, and you might have to spend a year in jail for it. These penalties are based on the amount of marijuana found on you or your property and range from a class B misdemeanor (skipping class C completely) to a felony of the first degree with the possibility for life in prison. If you were in a school zone at the time of your arrest, then the penalties will increase significantly.

Your Williamson County marijuana possession lawyer will help you determine what penalty your charges are likely to result in upon conviction:

    • Two ounces or less - Class B misdemeanor, up to $2,000 fine, and up to 180 days in jail
    • Above two but less than four ounces - Class A misdemeanor, up to $4,000 fine, and up to one year in jail
    • Four ounces to five pounds - State jail felony, up to $10,000 fine, and between 180 days and two years in prison
    • Above five pounds and up to fifty pounds - Felony of the third degree, up to $10,000 fine, and between two and ten years in prison
    • Above fifty pounds and up to 2,000 pounds - Felony of the second degree, up to $10,000 fine, and between two and twenty years in prison
    • Above 2,000 pounds - Felony of the first degree, up to $10,000 fine, and either a life sentence or between five and ninety-nine years in prison

Additional Marijuana-Related Charges

There are many other drug charges that could be tacked on to possession, especially if the quantities are large. You could be charged with paraphernalia possession, public intoxication, driving while intoxicated (DWI), distribution, trafficking, and even manufacturing. These are all separate charges, and your Williamson County marijuana possession lawyer will help you deal with each.

Lifelong Fallout from a Marijuana Possession Charge

You will have your hands full with the legal consequences of a marijuana possession charge even before you start to experience the social, professional, and familial fallout. You will be burdened by the stigma of being a "druggie" or a criminal by your coworkers, colleagues, and even your friends. Your career may end, and finding new work or filling out applications for anything else will forever be shadowed by your new identity as a convicted criminal.

This all makes it incredibly important to fight back against your charges so that you can do everything possible to avoid a conviction.


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