3 Myths About Family Violence Cases

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of incidents of family violence take place in Texas. In fact, Texas accounts for approximately 10% of family violence related homicides in the country. Still, not many people actually know what they should or should not do if they are facing charges of family violence. In this post, we have debunked three common myths about family violence cases in Texas.

Myth: Family Violence Is a Private Issue That Should Be Sorted Out Within the Family

Fact: Once you are charged with family violence, you most likely cannot talk your way out of it. Even if the accuser happens to be an immediate family member, it’s not a judicious idea for you to talk to them or try to convince them to sort out the issue privately.

If you do so, you might be accused of trying to silence the accuser. Such allegations can strengthen the prosecution’s case against you. So, it is in your best interest to not take any steps on your own. Instead, you should let your Austin family violence attorney handle the issue.

Myth: I Convinced My Spouse to Drop the Charges against Me. So, I Should Be Fine.

Fact: The State handles domestic violence cases, like all other criminal cases. It is the State that has the authority to file charges against you and prosecute you. Your spouse does not have the authority to tell the prosecution to drop the charges against you. Only your family violence attorney can – depending on the evidence against you – convince the prosecution to drop the charges against you.

Moreover, if the prosecutor believes that they have the evidence needed to convict you, they might not drop the charges just because your spouse requested them to do so. So, working with a top-notch Texas family violence attorney is your best bet. That way, you will have higher chances of dropping or dismissing the charges against you.

Myth: It’s the Victim’s Word against My Word. I Can Defend Myself.

Fact: Family violence cases are taken very seriously in Texas. So, you can be sure that the prosecution will do everything in their capacity to build the strongest possible case against you. So, in the absence of legal representation, your chances of getting convicted are extremely high.

Moreover, without the guidance of a hard working and winning Austin family violence attorney, you might accidently say or do something that you should not and end up strengthening the prosecution’s case against you. Remember – the prosecution’s primary goal is to throw you behind bars. Based on this, they will use everything they can to obtain a conviction. This is precisely why you should never, ever represent yourself in a family violence case – or any criminal case for that matter.

Choose a Competent and Resourceful Family Violence Attorney to Defend You

If you are facing charges of family violence, the board-certified criminal defense attorneys at Hines & Holub can help you. With over eight decades of combined experience and exceptional legal insight and expertise, we are best positioned to take up your case. No matter how serious the charges against you are, we have the expertise.

To find out how we can help you, call us today at 512-883-5386 or contact us online. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Austin family violence attorneys. 

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