3 Questions to Ask an Attorney Who Specializes in Domestic Assault Cases

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Domestic assault charges can have serious ramifications in Texas. In case of conviction, you could not only face up to a year in jail or 2 to 10 years in a prison (depending on whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony), but also lose many of your parental rights. So, it is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Given below are a few important questions you need to ask before choosing an Austin domestic assault attorney.

Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine? If so, What Is Your Success Rate?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask a family violence attorney for three reasons.

  • An attorney who has handled cases similar to yours is likely to have a good idea of how the prosecution might handle your case. He might also know what kind of arguments they might make, and how they might cross-examine you.
  • If the attorney has a track record of winning cases similar to yours, chances are they might be able to achieve a positive outcome in your case too.
  • Domestic assault charges are taken very seriously in Texas. And, the prosecution might be motivated to obtain a conviction at any cost. Even the slightest misstep on your attorney’s part can result in your conviction. So, you cannot afford to be represented by an inexperienced attorney.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

An experienced attorney is more likely to have a better understanding of how to handle your case than an inexperienced attorney. Moreover, a seasoned attorney is likely to have the expertise, financial resources, manpower, and connections needed to mount a strong defense against the charges you are facing, break the prosecution’s case, and achieve the best possible outcome.

What Are Your Credentials As a Family Violence Attorney?

The reputation of your defense attorney matters for two reasons. Firstly, it is an indication of their integrity, their success as a litigator, and their standing in the legal community. Secondly, being represented by a committed attorney can increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome. They would be more invested in your case and use all the resources at their disposal to win the case, as they have a reputation to maintain.

You need to check the following.

  • Is the family violence attorney board certified?
  • What is their Avvo rating or have they received positive testimonials and reviews from their past clients?
  • Have they achieved any awards, accolades, and professional honors in their career?
  • What is their track record of performance in terms of getting favorable decisions or best possible outcomes for their clients charged with domestic assault or family violence?

Looking for an Experienced Attorney to Defend You against Domestic Assault Charges?

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony domestic assault charges in Austin, TX, the experienced family violence attorneys at Hines & Holub can help you. We have more than 85 years of combined experience. And, we have a track record of achieving positive outcome in cases involving domestic violence. We can mount the strongest possible defense for you and fight hard to dismiss your charges. Also, we can get you acquitted, or reduce your charges to the extent possible.

To discuss your case with one of our Austin domestic assault defense lawyers, call us today at 512-883-5386. Or, contact us online and schedule a free consultation

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