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If you (or a loved one) are in jail, or perhaps you know that you're about to be arrested, you are probably wondering what the best options are for your release.

In many cases, you can be released on your own recognizance, which is a signed promise that you will appear in court at the designated time for your hearing. This doesn't cost any money and is the fastest way to be released.

Not everyone will qualify for that kind of release, though, and depending on the crime you or your loved one have been charged with, you may be required to post bail in order to be released.

So can a lawyer get you out of jail? Most likely. A qualified lawyer can help ensure your release from jail and get your bail amount lowered, so work with a criminal defense attorney from our firm.

Bail in Texas

Bail is designed to motivate you to attend your court hearings. The judge sets bail and chooses an amount based on a few factors:

    • The seriousness of the crime
    • The defendant's criminal history, as well as previous flight attempts
    • The defendant's financial situation

You post bail through one of several options:

    • You can pay bail by cash or check.
    • You can use your property as collateral.
    • You purchase a bail bond, with a promise to pay the full amount if you fail to appear in court.

How Does an Attorney Help with Bail?

Your attorney can help you get released from jail in several ways:

    • We know all the legal procedures and who to call to get you out of jail. This knowledge speeds up the process considerably. Judges may also be more likely to release a person who has hired an attorney.
    • Your attorney can appear in court on your behalf and argue to reduce your charges and, subsequently, your bail, so it's easier for you or your family to pay.
    • In some cases, your lawyer can post an "attorney bond," taking the bondsman out of the equation. Again, this speeds up the process.

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As you can see, we can get you out of jail, and we will typically get you out of jail much faster than you or your family could. Not every person will qualify for jail release, though, so it's best to contact an attorney to discuss your case.

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