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Austin police are making every effort to stop the crystal meth epidemic that sometimes seems to only be getting worse. This highly addictive drug is destroying homes, families, and entire neighborhoods. Because of the impact it can have, the charges for possession of this drug are taken very seriously. However, most people don't want to destroy their neighborhoods or homes; rather, they are victims of a serious addiction. These people deserve help, not imprisonment. In such situations, our Austin crystal meth possession lawyers can help.

Focus on Meth Use

Meth usage is at its highest point in history throughout Texas, leading to exceedingly high numbers of meth-related crimes and deaths. It is the job of law enforcement to protect citizens, even if it is from themselves. It is not just about the possession of meth, but also about the crimes that are committed in relation to acquiring it or while under its influence. Sometimes addiction forces people to do things they would not normally do, like robbing homes or other people. The police believe that by focusing on meth users and dealers, they can reduce the number of meth-related crimes as well as the injuries and deaths that accompany drug use.

The Dangers of Meth-Making Chemicals

Dealers don't require a house to produce this deadly drug in; makeshift, on-the-go crystal meth labs have been found in motel rooms, car trunks, suitcases, and even toolboxes. This is because the process can be carried out in small containers using chemicals that can be obtained in just about any drug store. Because of this, charges of meth possession often go hand in hand with charges of making meth.

If you happen to have the chemicals required to make meth on hand when you are arrested for possession, you may be charged with other meth-related crimes as well. Things like cold medicine in a two-liter bottle can lead to additional charges, even if they had nothing to do with crystal meth or its production.

Risks of Managing Without a Lawyer

Any time you are arrested and try to manage the situation without a lawyer, you run an increased risk of failure. You might even be innocent, but if you attempt to navigate the process alone, you could end up with a conviction for charges you don't deserve. If you are convicted, you could face jail time in addition to other penalties that are the indirect result of being convicted of any type of drug crime.

Indirect Penalties of a Meth Conviction

In addition to potential penalties like incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines, a meth possession conviction can also alter your future. Even if you go through rehabilitation and never plan to touch meth again, you may not be able to buy cough syrup on your own or get a decent job. When employers have to choose between two candidates with similar skills, one of whom has a past crystal meth possession conviction, the person with the conviction is not very likely to get the job. An experienced Austin crystal meth possession lawyer may be able to help you reduce or avoid the charges or sentence.


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