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In terms of severity, different types of drug possession charges may actually be viewed similarly on a criminal record. For example, you might not think a marijuana charge looks as bad as a cocaine charge, but the court views them all as drug charges. As such, they can have an impact on future dealing with the court, as well as your life outside of the courtroom. If possible, it is best to avoid these types of charges by focusing on managing your addiction. In many cases, however, you won't get the opportunity unless you have an experienced Austin drug possession lawyer on your side.

Marijuana Possession in Austin

While marijuana is still illegal in Texas, statistics show that one in four cases of possession does not lead to an arrest in Austin. Despite cries to decriminalize marijuana in Texas, there is still no real progress being made toward legalization. These statistics and circumstances may demonstrate that some citizens don't see marijuana as a drug and that the police may not always arrest people for it; however, a marijuana possession charge is still a drug-related offense and carries with it penalties that can have a serious impact on your immediate and long-term future.

Drug Possession Penalties

The penalties vary when it comes to drug possession in Austin, Texas. At the very minimum, a conviction will result in a fine. However, there may be added penalties as well. You could face jail time, a seizure of assets, drug rehabilitation classes, and limits on the kinds of medications you are able to purchase on your own. In some cases, when you do get medication, you may only be allowed to have it in limited quantities. The general rule of thumb is that possession of more serious drugs equates to higher fines, longer jail times, and more severe penalties.



Crystal Meth







Future Limitations After Conviction

After you are convicted of drug possession, many areas of your life may become severely limited. You may have difficulty finding a job, especially when it comes to positions that require trustworthiness. Sometimes it is not even the potential employer's choice, but that of their insurance company. As far as insurance companies are concerned, someone with a drug possession conviction presents a higher risk of theft or other illegal activities that most companies don't want to take a chance with.

Additional Charges Related to Drug Possession

If you are charged with drug possession, you may also face related charges, such as paraphernalia, dealing, and distribution. This largely depends on the amount of drugs, various elements involved, and even where you were when you were charged. For example, if you are arrested while in possession of a pipe and crack cocaine in a school zone, you may face other charges besides possession of cocaine.

With drug use comes addiction. This is just one of the facts that our experienced Austin drug possession lawyers at Hines & Holub will ensure the court takes into account. Depending on your case, we may also be able to use the circumstances of your arrest and other elements that could help either lessen the charges or eliminate them completely.

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