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It's not the 60s anymore, but the psychedelic mushroom is still a popular drug in the Austin area. Besides being illegal, psychedelic mushrooms are dangerous. In fact, given that many people so often assume that anything natural must be safe or beneficial, psychedelic mushrooms present another level of danger to society as a result. Misplaced trust often leads people to do things that aren't safe. Such is the case with these mushrooms which, while natural, are quite dangerous. Because they are dangerous, possessing these mushrooms is also illegal. An experienced Austin psychedelic mushrooms possession lawyer can help you through the process of dealing with these charges.

Dangers of Using Mushrooms

While still an illegal substance, psychedelic mushrooms are being tested as a treatment for depression and addiction to more harmful drugs. This testing is done under close supervision in controlled circumstances, and it brings to light one of the most dangerous elements of these mushrooms: Unlike with prescription medicines and other controlled substances, those who use mushrooms have no way of knowing exactly how they will be affected. This is one of the reasons the courts take possession of these mushrooms so seriously.

Mushroom Charges and Consequences

When drug possession charges are brought to court, it is common for the question of addiction to arise. Many drugs are highly addictive, so the courts may consider rehabilitation and therapy over incarceration. Mushrooms are a bit different because they aren't known for being addictive. This means that you may have less leeway during sentencing and that having a psychedelic mushrooms possession lawyer on your case will be essential.

Risks of Trial Without Representation

Since addiction does not apply to these mushrooms, someone charged with their possession will have to make use of a defense that is quite different from what is used for most other drug possession charges. This could mean that the court must be made aware of other elements of your persona that will demonstrate your ability to live and abide by the law. As a lay citizen, it may be difficult to present this claim on your own. You run the very real risk of having a drug possession charge on your record and all the negative consequences that can follow from it.

Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer

Our Austin psychedelic mushrooms possession lawyers at Hines & Holub are familiar with serious drug possession charges and are experienced in getting them reduced. This is not a common charge, but it is a serious one and should be treated as such.

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