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With the increase in public awareness of anxiety disorders, so too has come a corresponding increase in the number of people who use anxiety medications. Xanax and its generic equivalent alprazolam are some of the most popular anxiety medications on the market and can only be legally obtained via prescription. Unfortunately, some people are unable to obtain a prescription even for legitimate use due to financial concerns or lack of health insurance. This may lead them obtain Xanax illegally. When they eventually get caught, the consequences can be life changing and even include prison time. The Austin Xanax possession lawyers of Hines & Holub are familiar with this type of charge and regularly assist accused people through the complex legal system.

Typical Xanax Crimes

Possession and use of Xanax or alprazolam without a prescription is a crime. Some people don't take the medication seriously simply because it is so well known. They assume it must be harmless if so many people can take it legally. Due to both its popularity and familiarity, there are even those who share it with others without thinking. This is why possession, distribution, and use are some of the most common charges related to Xanax.

School Drug Use and Minors

Prescription drug abuse is rampant on school campuses, with students being charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs regularly. If arrested on a school campus, the charges can be even more serious when it comes to drug use and possession. With the exception of college campuses, those who attend school are generally minors and are not allowed to make decisions concerning medications on their own. Being in possession of prescription drugs, such as Xanax and alprazolam, on or near school grounds possibly means being faced with serious charges having to do with children.

Concerns of the Court

One of the biggest concerns of the court is that Xanax can be such a dangerous drug. Not only is it highly addictive, but it also affects the nervous system. People who take it as prescribed generally don't feel any of the "buzz" because it does what it is supposed to and relieves their anxiety. However, those who either don't need it or use more than they should feel a "high" that occurs because their central nervous system has become impaired.

On top of the immediate effects are the long-term concerns. Over time, Xanax and alprazolam can cause liver damage in addition to addiction. While addiction may be part of your defense, possession does not always indicate use. Instead, it may indicate to the court that you intended to distribute the drug.

Other Xanax Charges

There may be other charges related to Xanax and alprazolam possession. Questions regarding how you obtained the drug may be raised, which may involve people other than yourself. The court might also be concerned about your intentions and why exactly you were in possession of the drug. An Austin Xanax possession lawyer can advise you on the best way to move forward. Xanax possession charges are serious and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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