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A felony conviction is much more serious than a misdemeanor. It means that not only was a more serious crime committed, but also that the convicted individual will receive a more severe penalty and lose some of his or her rights. In other words, it truly is life altering in more ways than one. In addition to any court-administered penalties, there are a number of repercussions that will follow a convicted felon throughout life, even long after any jail time has been served. This is why many people who are charged with a felony in Austin end up turning to an experienced Austin felony lawyer for help.

Reducing Felony Charges

Sometimes a case can be made to get the charges reduced. If this is an option, our attorneys at Hines & Holub will do everything it takes to help you get a less severe charge. For example, if you have a felony domestic battery charge, details such as the other person hitting you multiple times before you hit him or her are important elements that can make a difference in your case. Mitigating circumstances and prior convictions can all have an impact on your case but are difficult for an individual to address without the experience of a qualified legal team. There is never any guarantee that charges will be reduced, but it pays to have someone who knows the process make sure nothing is overlooked.

Retaining Your Rights

Police in Austin have jeopardized many cases by making simple mistakes. There are procedures that law enforcement officers must follow in order to ensure that Americans retain their rights. In many cases, citizens are not even aware that their rights are being violated. Under such circumstances, some of the evidence which would otherwise be admissible in a court of law cannot be used against you. Our lawyers can ensure that whether you face a felony or a misdemeanor, you don't lose your rights.

Repeat Offenders and Felony Charges

It may be difficult to determine whether a crime should be prosecuted as a felony; there are felony levels of nearly every misdemeanor including assault, child abuse, and driving under the influence. One thing that helps determine whether the charge should be a felony is your prior criminal record or lack thereof. Repeat offenders are known as habitual criminals, but those that have never committed a crime previously may be viewed as having made an isolated mistake. This could make a substantial difference in how your case proceeds.

A felony conviction can prevent you from voting, owning a firearm, and taking part in many other activities, including working in certain career fields. Because of the severity of felony charges and the penalties that come with them, it's crucial that you have an experienced Austin felony lawyer in your corner to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

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