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Computer crimes are many and varied, but they can all result in hefty fines and imprisonment. To find out what your legal options are, consult an Austin cybercrime defense lawyer.

Texas passed the early version of the computer crime law in 1985, but have been updating it ever since as new types of cybercrimes evolve with our technology. Being accused of one of these crimes can have a serious impact on your life through both the court process and the hefty penalties involved.

If you are facing charges for Internet crimes, your best option is to fight them with the help of an Austin cybercrime defense lawyer from Hines & Holub.

Varieties of Computer Crimes

Cybercrimes are crimes in which you use the Internet, a computer, a cell phone, or any other technological device to breach computer security, solicit a minor, or impersonate someone online. These charges can range from misdemeanors to second-degree felonies and carry prison sentences of up to ninety-nine years. An Austin cybercrime defense lawyer from our firm will be able to clarify the severity of your charges and devise a defense plan on your behalf.

Described below are just a few of the Internet crimes you could be accused of:


Knowingly accessing a computer or network without consent is a breach of computer security-otherwise known as hacking. If you are accused of the intention to obtain or use information stored on a computer or network and use it to defraud or harm someone or damage property, the crime that you are charged with will depend on the value of the stolen or damaged data and whether identifying information was stolen.

Soliciting a Minor

If you are accused of soliciting a minor, it means that you are over seventeen years of age and either communicated in a sexually explicit way with a minor or distributed sexually explicit material to a minor. This includes knowingly trying to arrange a liaison with a minor with the intention of performing sexual acts. Even if the meeting never occurs, it is still a crime.

Online Impersonation and Cyber Bullying

An accusation of online impersonation or cyber bullying implies that you used the name or persona of another person without consent and with the intention to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten someone. This can be done through the creation of a website or social media profile or through the distribution of electronic messages.

If you sent a message through any electronic means that references a name, Web address, phone number, or any other identifying information belonging to someone else without his or her consent and with the intent to deceive, then you could also be charged with online impersonation.

An Internet Crime Defense Attorney Can Help You

The severity of the punishments and the current fervor for prosecutions in cybercrimes is bad news for anyone charged with one. Your Austin cybercrime defense lawyer can handle all of the legal paperwork and courtroom procedures on your behalf, and we may even be able to appear in court for you.

We will also find relevant expert testimonies and gather evidence to support your defense. Our legal team will help you find the best resolution available for your charges, including negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution and attempting to have your charges reduced.

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