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Being accused of insurance fraud is a double blow. Not only do you have the initial hardship that made you file an insurance claim in the first place, but now you may also be facing a felony charge. If you have been injured or have been in a car accident, these allegations can be painful and hard to follow up on during a time when you should be getting your life back in order.

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, insurance fraud is second only to tax evasion in white collar crime, which makes it very likely that any allegations made against you will be followed up on. You will need to act quickly to address these charges before they affect your life long term. Consulting with a reputable Austin insurance fraud lawyer from Hines & Holub, PLLC is your best course of action.

What Is the Penalty for Insurance Claim Fraud?

Insurance fraud penalties in Texas vary depending on the amount claimed and the circumstances involved. Many charges are based on the financial value of the claim. Along with paying back the money you were awarded, you may also have to pay the legal fees of the affected insurer if you are convicted.

These are the specific penalties you face under Texas law:

    • Claim Worth Less than $100 - Class C misdemeanor, possible fine and no jail time
    • $100 or More but Less than $750 - Class B misdemeanor, possible fine or jail time
    • $750 or More but Less than $2,500 - Class A misdemeanor, possible fine or jail time
    • $2,500 or More but Less than $30,000 - State jail felony, possible fine and jail time
    • $30,000 or More but Less than $150,000 - Felony of the third degree, possible fine and jail time
    • $150,000 or More but Less than $300,000 - Felony of the second degree, possible fine and jail time
    • Claim Worth $300,000 or More - Felony of the first degree, possible fine and jail time
    • Act Committed in Relation to the Offense that Injured Another or Put Them at Risk - Felony of the first degree, possible fine and jail time

Examples of Insurance Fraud

In short, an insurance fraud charge means you are accused of knowingly or mistakenly misleading an insurance company to get them to give you money. It is illegal to defraud or deceive an insurer. The following are some specific examples of insurance fraud in Texas:

    • Providing false or misleading information to an insurer
    • Providing a statement that the you know contains false or misleading information
    • Intentionally defrauding or deceiving an insurer through an application for an insurance policy
    • Having false or misleading material prepared for an insurer

As you can see, it wouldn't be at all difficult to perform one of these actions unintentionally. Whatever the situation that has led to your charges, an Austin insurance fraud lawyer from our firm can talk to you about your particular charges and what your legal options are.

Common Types of Texas Insurance Fraud

Anywhere there is an insurance policy there can be fraud. The most common types are listed below:

    • Auto accident fraud
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Insurance fraud involving the elderly
    • Fraud against businesses

Work with an Austin Insurance Fraud Lawyer

By retaining a skilled Austin Insurance fraud lawyer, you give yourself the best chance for reducing or dismissing your charge. Hines & Holub is a criminal defense team experienced with insurance fraud and has a solid criminal defense background.

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