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The Federal Highway Administration's latest available figure estimated that federal fuel tax evasion costs the United States $1 billion annually, and the government takes these cases very seriously as taxation is a large source of revenue.

As someone who handles motor fuel, you may think of the related taxes as a source of frustration or confusion. Or maybe you are just a delivery driver who normally doesn't have to think about taxes at all.

However, you probably didn't expect to suddenly be accused of motor fuel tax fraud for reasons you don't quite understand, and now you face the terrifying prospect of having a felony on your record. If you have been accused, you are not alone. It's time to consult an experienced Austin motor fuels tax fraud lawyer from Hines & Holub before things get even more serious.

Illegal Activity

Not keeping the accounting books properly, mistakenly buying or transporting the wrong fuel, and a whole host of other things can land you in trouble for motor fuel tax evasion. It's not uncommon for these to be honest mistakes, and an Austin motor fuels tax fraud lawyer from our firm can help you build your defense or negotiate a plea bargain.

For example, one major cause is the improper use or sale of red fuel. This type of diesel is earmarked for agricultural use and has a lower tax rate. It's dyed red, so inspectors can easily see when it is being illegally used. Because the tax rate is lower, it's sometimes used in other situations illegally.

Here is a list of some forbidden actions:

    • Selling or delivering dyed diesel fuel
    • Using red fuel in a personal vehicle
    • Faulty record keeping or lost or damaged record books
    • Creating a false cargo manifest or shipping document-or not having one
    • Entering false info on a comptroller report
    • Applying for a fraudulent refund
    • Using an aviation fuel dealer license to sell fuel improperly
    • Blending or otherwise illegally expanding fuel

Types of Motor Fuels

The Texas Comptroller lists who is responsible for taxes, rates, deductions, due dates, penalties, interest reporting, and payment requirements in these types of fuel:

    • Aviation fuel
    • Agricultural fuel
    • Biodiesel
    • Dyed diesel
    • Fuel grade ethanol
    • Oil diesel
    • Gas
    • Liquefied gas

If you don't see your situation or type of fuel listed above, call an Austin motor fuels tax fraud lawyer from our office for more information as it pertains to your unique case.

Texas Motor Fuel Cases and the District Attorney

The government division handling motor fuel taxes was dissolved in 2013. This complicated matters because these issues now have to be settled with local district attorney offices. You'll need a skilled Austin motor fuels tax fraud lawyer who knows how to present your case to the DA in the best light.

Free Consultation with an Austin Motor Fuels Tax Fraud Lawyer

Hines & Holub has highly experienced white collar crime attorneys who will be happy to discuss your case in detail with you. Our firm consists of two dedicated attorneys with experience on both sides of the law, including in two Texas DA offices.

In cases of motor fuels tax fraud, this is invaluable experience that will help build the strongest case for your situation. Call our office today for a free consultation. We would love to hear your side of the story. 

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