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In the state of Texas, manufacturing and distributing illegal substances is taken very seriously and can result in severe penalties. Once you've been arrested and subsequently convicted for this drug crime, you may be facing extremely high fines and even life in prison.

The good news is that you may have the ability to get your charges reduced or dismissed when you hire an Austin drug manufacturing lawyer from Hines & Holub. Our firm can help you understand the specific laws regarding this type of crime, the possible penalties you may be facing, and the defenses available to help you.

Drug Manufacturing Laws in Texas

In some states, you can be charged separately for manufacturing drugs and delivering them. In Texas, these charges are lumped together under manufacturing and delivery. According to the Texas Controlled Substances Act, "delivery" is defined as giving a controlled substance-or even a fake controlled substance-to someone else. As for manufacturing, it's exactly as it sounds: the creating of illegal substances. Cultivation of plant-based drugs, such as marijuana, would also fall under manufacturing.

Being charged with manufacturing or delivery of illegal substances can result in harsh penalties upon conviction.

Potential Penalties for Cultivation and Manufacturing of Drugs

Texas takes drug crimes very seriously, and penalties for these crimes can often be severe. In order to get a better idea of the penalties you may face, you should first understand the legal classifications of drugs that Texas uses.

There are four penalty groups in Texas:

    • Penalty Group 1, including drugs like meth
    • Penalty Group 2, including drugs like ecstasy
    • Penalty Group 3, including some prescription painkillers
    • Penalty Group 4, including certain prescription drugs and precursor chemicals

The consequences for manufacturing and cultivation depend on the amount or weight of drugs in the category involved. For example, if you've been charged with the manufacturing and delivery of cocaine, you would be charged according to the weight of the cocaine as well as the additional materials used in cutting it. The total quantity of the drugs involved will determine your penalties. You would need to discuss the exact facts of your case with your Austin drug manufacturing lawyer to see what you may be facing.

Possible Defenses for Drug Manufacturing

These types of cases are typically difficult to defend, especially if you've been caught with the drugs in hand. However, even in cases that seem hopeless, your Williamson County drug manufacturing lawyer will know how to build the strongest defense possible.

In some cases, your charges can be reduced if you were manufacturing the drugs just for yourself. That means you didn't have the intent to distribute, therefore not putting anyone else at risk. You may also have the opportunity to have your charges reduced if this is your first offense.

Barring other options, a favorable plea bargain might be reached with the prosecution.


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