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When you face a criminal conviction, you don't want to gamble with your future. Get the defense you need by working with a Georgetown criminal defense lawyer.

When you've been accused of a crime, the steps you take afterward will determine the entire outcome of your case. The best move you can make is to hire a Georgetown criminal defense lawyer from Hines & Holub.

Whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony, your future is on the line and you want the best possible chance of a charge reduction or dismissal. This isn't a battle you can easily win on your own. The prosecution believes you are guilty and will fight for the conviction.

Misdemeanor and Felony Penalties

When preparing to fight your charges, it's important to know the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. In the simplest terms, a misdemeanor is a crime with less harsh punishments and penalties and can often be reduced.

On the opposite side, a felony is a very serious offense and can result in prison time, significant fines, and even the death penalty for truly severe charges. Felonies aren't easy to get reduced; however, the right defense can see it happen. The chances of having your charges reduced on a felony are much higher if it's only your first offense.

Penalties for Crimes in Texas

While the specific penalties and punishments vary based on the specific crime, the punishment you face will depend on what classification of felony or misdemeanor you face. This is true whether you face a DWI charge, a serious drug crime, or a minor sex charge.

Your Georgetown criminal defense lawyer will work to get your charges reduced or dismissed completely, but here are the potential penalties:


Class A - Not more than one year in county jail and fines of not more than $4,000

Class B - Not more than 180 days in county jail and fines of not more than $2,000

Class C - Fines of less than $500


Capital - Death or life in state prison without parole

First Degree - 5-99 years in state prison and fines of not more than $10,000

Second Degree - 2-20 years in state prison and fines of not more than $10,000

Third Degree - 2-10 years in state prison and fines of not more than $10,000

State Jail - 180 days-2 years in jail and fines of not more than $10,000

Can I Defend Myself in Court?

The quickest answer is "yes." There isn't any law that says you have to have a defense lawyer. However, you should be prepared for the ramifications of your decision. You'd be going up against experienced prosecutors who will treat you like a lawyer. Furthermore, the judge will treat you as an expert. You'll be expected to understand all courtroom procedures.

If representing yourself in court doesn't sound like a good idea (it's not), it's best to instead hire a Georgetown criminal defense lawyer.


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