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A drug crime conviction can do more than just cost money and put you behind bars. The reputable damages and strain on your work and personal relationships can be just as painful and perhaps last a lifetime.

From serious drug crimes to more minor offenses, any conviction can dramatically change your life, even if it's your first offense. So what do you do to combat the charges and move on with your life? Hire a Georgetown drug charge lawyer from Hines & Holub.

Having a defense attorney represent you in this type of case is your best chance at having your charges reduced or dismissed completely. Depending on the nature of the crime, you might even have a shot at reduced sentencing even if dismissal isn't an option.

Understanding Texas Drug Laws

While there are federal laws regarding drug crimes, Texas has its own set of laws based on various types of drugs and the charges accompanying them. Your Georgetown drug charge lawyer will have experience with a number of different types of drug crimes:

    • Possession - This simply means that you had ownership of an illegal substance
    • Paraphernalia - Meaning possession of items associated with the creation, transportation, and use of drugs
    • Manufacturing and Cultivation- Making controlled or illegal substances
    • Delivery - Selling, giving, or distributing illegal substances
    • Conspiracy - Meaning the planning of possession or delivery of a drug, specifically with other people

Each of these types of crimes will come with its own set of penalties depending on what kind of drug was involved, the quantity of said drug, and even your location at the time of the offense. More serious drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth, will carry higher penalties than a drug like marijuana.

Marijuana Crimes

This is likely the most common drug case we see. In many of the surrounding states, marijuana use and sale is becoming less taboo. In Texas, however, the punishments for marijuana drug crimes are still severe.

Possession of even a tiny amount of marijuana can cost you fines of up to $2,000 and a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail. Even worse, possession of marijuana concentrates, like hash oil, is a felony and can result in up to two years in state prison.

Defending Against Drug Charges

So what are your options when you're under arrest for possession of a controlled substance? In this case, your lawyer will take the steps necessary to investigate everything about your arrest, from the actions of the officer to any violation of your right to privacy during the search and seizure:

    • Were there grounds for the officer to stop you?
    • Were you frisked for no reason?
    • Was your vehicle or home searched without probable cause?

If any of these situations are true, the search and seizure might be considered unlawful and therefore inadmissible in court. To understand your drug crime, whether severe or minor, contact a Georgetown drug charge lawyer.

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