How Can a White Collar Crime Lawyer Help Me?

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A white collar crime can be just about any wrong committed with the intent to deceive and gain financially from the deception. They are almost always nonviolent and can include fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, counterfeiting, extortion, bribery, identity theft, and many others that fall somewhere within these.

The varieties of these crimes keep increasing as cybercrimes become more prevalent, and the penalties have grown along with them. With that in mind, if you've been accused of one of these crimes, you might be asking yourself the following question: "How can a white collar crime lawyer help me?"

Legal Help When You Need It Most

Your lawyer will be able to ease many stressful burdens so that you can continue to work, care for your family, and basically live your life. We can handle all of the court procedures, paperwork, legwork, and some court sessions on your behalf.

We will also carry out the task of collecting relevant evidence and finding reputable experts or other witnesses to testify. The most important things that a white collar crime lawyer can help you with, however, are depositions and negotiating plea bargains to avoid the publicity and risk of a full trial.

Why You Need to Fight Your White Collar Crime Charges

The media climate around financial institutions and white collar crimes have made it a priority for prosecutors to go after anyone charged as harshly as legally allowable. While these types of crimes can be misdemeanors, they are often full-blown felonies, with penalties including fines of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and prison terms of up to twenty years.

It is rare that someone is found guilty of only one of these charges, and the consequences keep climbing with every count. You could also face the burden of financial restitution to your accuser and the struggles of living and working with a criminal record of this significance.

The enormity of what will happen if you are convicted of any one of these crimes is crushing, which is why you have to plan your defense with the help of a white collar crime defense lawyer. If found guilty, you will likely face rejection from job after job, and staying in the same career may not even be an option. You could even fall into debt from paying the fines and making restitution, and getting back to any sort of stability could be nearly impossible.

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If you are being accused of something as serious as one of these offenses, you must fight your charges or face a grim future. Defending yourself means defending your career, professional life, social life, family, and your freedom.

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