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When you've been accused of a violent crime, you need to know what's at stake and how to get your name cleared in the most effective way possible. Explore your options with the help of a Williamson County violent crime lawyer.

It's bad enough to be charged with a violent crime, but a conviction can ruin nearly every aspect of your life. From your employment prospects to your personal relationships, a criminal record can make it nearly impossible to live life the way you want to. This makes it incredibly important to fight every charge against you and to get the legal help you need to overcome them.

If you are being accused of violent criminal activity, you need a defense attorney who will take your case as seriously as you do. To find out how to beat your charges or get them reduced, develop your defense with the help of a Williamson County violent crime lawyer from Hines & Holub.

Legal Consequences of Violent Crime Convictions

Depending on the specifics of your charges, the penalties for violent crimes can include thousands of dollars in fines and prison sentences that extend all the way to life. Capital crimes even include the possibility of the death penalty.

The thought of these penalties is often too much for a defendant to bear, especially alone. A Williamson County violent crime lawyer can help you identify what you'll likely be up against and precisely what's at risk. Most violent crimes fall under one of these four categories:

    • Assault
    • Robbery
    • Rape
    • Murder

There can be a great deal of variation to these types. For example, aggravated versions of many violent crimes exist, and the presence of a deadly weapon can increase the seriousness of the charges you face. There are also different degrees of rape and murder charges that can drastically change the severity of the legal penalties you face.

Non-Legal Consequences of Violent Crime: Professional, Social, and Familial

Besides the legal consequence of imprisonment, being convicted of a violent crime will be something that you have to carry on your record for the rest of your life. It will hurt your prospects of getting a job, an apartment, and even a loan. A violent crime conviction can damage your relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and everyone you meet in the future.

Even being accused of a violent crime can bring your relationship or marriage to an end. A conviction could be used against you in a divorce, as well. You could lose custody of your children and a large chunk of your property, forcing you to start over with a criminal record and reduced employment prospects.

Sadly, because your criminal record will follow you forever, it is never truly done. You will always have to check the criminal record box on applications. The consequences of a violent crime conviction extend well beyond the legal ramifications, making it essential to do what you can now to avoid a guilty verdict.

The Risks of Defending Yourself Against a Violent Criminal Charge

After being accused of a violent crime, you have the right to legal counsel, and what form that counsel takes is up to you. As a defendant, you can attempt to represent yourself, accept the need-based public defender, or hire a Williamson County violent crime lawyer.

Defending one's self against criminal charges is extremely difficult, even if you have some amount of legal knowledge and courtroom familiarity. The prosecution will probably regard you as an easy target and won't even offer a plea bargain when you go without legal representation.

A Williamson County violent crime lawyer from our firm will be able to give you the experience and knowledge you need to mount a solid defense. We will devote ourselves to your case and can find the expert witnesses that a public defender may not be able to.

Any plea bargains will also be much fairer, as the defense we build will include all of the available evidence, witness testimony, and counters to the prosecution's arguments. The possibility of a violent crime conviction is as serious as it gets, and we'll do everything we can to get you out of the courtroom and back to your life.

Plea Bargain or Plead Innocent?

Depending on the evidence available to the prosecutor, we might recommend attempting to reach a plea deal. This would hinge on how likely the prosecution is to convince a jury of your guilt compared to how much reasonable doubt we can expose. When bargaining for a plea deal, your defense attorney will need to lay out how strong your case is to the prosecution to encourage them to either negotiate fairly or face the risk of losing at trial.

If the evidence is compelling enough for us to feel confident in entering a plea of not guilty, we will handle all of the court proceedings on your behalf. We will help you rehearse exactly how to answer the questions you are likely to face on the stand from the hostile prosecution. Your Williamson County violent crime lawyer will be your greatest friend and asset when charged with a violent crime of any sort.

Williamson County Violent Crime FAQ

When you've been accused of a committing a violent crime, you're all but certain to have several concerns that need to be addressed. In the space below, we've provided answers to several frequently asked questions, but if you would like further information as it applies to your case, please contact us to speak with a Williamson County violent crime lawyer.

What is the difference between assault and aggravated assault in Texas?

An assault charge in Texas can range from the threat of violence to actually inflicting bodily harm upon someone. Aggravated assault means that either a deadly weapon was involved or serious bodily harm was caused.

Is it possible to get a murder charge reduced?

Ideally, your defense attorney would be able to prove that you were not responsible for the death at all, but if this isn't possible, it may be possible to prove that you at least didn't intend to cause the death. This would result in a charge of manslaughter rather than murder.

Why was I charged with robbery instead of theft or burglary?

A robbery charge alleges that you took something that belonged to someone else directly from him or her through threat or force. Theft would mean that you stole something without actually interacting with the owner. Burglary would mean that you unlawfully entered a building with intent to steal.

Get Help from a Williamson County Violent Crime Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been accused of a violent crime, you have no other choice but to fight. The consequences are life changing in ways that you might not even have considered, and your family will suffer for years to come because of them. Contact Hines & Holub as soon as you can so that we can collect the freshest evidence possible and find the witnesses needed to testify on your behalf.

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