How to Handle Background Checks and Interviews If You’ve Been Convicted of a Crime

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It is no secret that having a criminal record can limit your employment opportunities. Data shows that 73% of employers in the country have a proper background screening system in place. In addition, 94% of employers tend to run at least one type of background check on applicants. With this being the case, it is important for you to know what you should do to clear interviews if you have a conviction on your record. Given below are three tips from a Texas criminal defense lawyer on how to handle background checks and interviews if you have a criminal record.

Highlight the Positives

Most employers might be willing to overlook the mistakes you made in the past if you have turned your life around and have become a better person. Stemming from this, tell them about the positive life changes you have made since your conviction.

Do you do volunteer work? Do you mentor at-risk youth? Did you go back to school after getting released? Have you earned a diploma or degree? If you were convicted for DWI, did you enter a 12-step program? Have you been sober since then?

By highlighting what you have accomplished since your conviction, you can show the employer that you are worth giving a second chance to. This way, background checks and interviews will become bearable.

Be Honest

Do not try to understate or lie about your criminal record to the employer. As any Texas criminal defense lawyer can tell you, employers in Texas have the right to run a background check on applicants. If you lie about your record and if your employer runs a background check and finds out about it, you will most likely be rejected – even if the offense in question was something that the employer might have been willing to look past if you had been forthright about it. So, never, ever lie about your criminal past to the employer.

Expunge Your Criminal Records with the Help of a Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you were charged with several offenses and were convicted for only one offense (if the rest were dropped, dismissed, or if you were acquitted), there is no need for a potential employer to know about those other charges. However, these charges might still show up in your background check. So, the best way to clear your record is to expunge these records. Certainly, you can do that with the help of an Austin criminal defense lawyer.

An experienced lawyer can expunge the arrests and charges that did not result in a conviction. Similarly, if you were convicted of a crime and were eventually pardoned, it can be expunged from your record as well.

Highly-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Austin, Texas

At Hines & Holub, we know what a challenge it can be for someone with a criminal record to get a job. In fact, we can clean up your criminal history. We do that by sealing or expunging the records that qualify and help you get a new start in life.

We have a team of highly skilled, board-certified criminal defense lawyers who have over 85 years of combined experience. Our lawyers have a 10.0 rating on Avvo and are highly respected by their peers. To discuss the possibility of cleaning up your record, call us today at 512-883-5386. Or, contact us online and schedule a free consultation with a seasoned and dependable Austin criminal defense lawyer


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